10 Facilities Are Must for Any Luxurious Hotel Room


Today, the word luxury has become irrelevant due to overuse. While hotel star ratings are determined by highly credited organizations, all of them refer to themselves as luxurious. As a result, customers to hotels have a right to expect something. This is especially so when a hotel classifies itself as luxurious. There are certain facilities one should immediately inquire on immediately thy land in their hotel room.

1. Comfy Mattress

Luxurious Hotel RoomThis is the first feature that any luxury hotel room should offer its clients. In order for a mattress to be defined as comfy, it should be quite firm. That means there should be no bumps on the mattress. In addition, the mattress should not have any queer odors. If it smells even slightly funny, one should immediately ask for a refund or for it to be replaced. One should also check the edges of the mattress. If there are bits torn out or gnawed at, this is not a luxury hotel. Memory foam mattresses are also a luxury item that you should look out for when booking hotels but make sure to ask questions about firmness and type of memory foam before you book, you can visit http://memoryfoamguide.net and read up on memory foam mattress reviews to learn about various features and things to look out for in a mattress.

2. A Massage Chair

If one is going to pay for an expensive hotel room, it should contain at least a massage chair. This is an essential part of the relaxation experience. The massage chair needs to be of good quality. That means that it should not feel like one is riding on a bumpy road. In addition, it should different modes of vibration. It should also be made of a high-quality cover that does not have any nasty smells or streaks of dirt.

3. Telescope to View Outside

If one is going to sleep in a luxury hotel room, one of the features should be a scenic view. If the view outside is blocked by a building, this hardly qualifies as a luxury. One should have a telescope installed next to the window. This will enable one to view their beautiful surroundings and find spots they would wish to visit during their stay.

4. Touchless Faucet

The essence of going to a luxury hotel room is to experience things one cannot have at home. One of these inclusions should be the faucet. A touch less faucet would be a nice touch to a hotel room. It makes one feel like their every whim is fulfilled with the wave of their hand. This is an experience one should ensure is provided for their next stay in a luxury hotel room or even consider for their own kitchen as pointed out in this buying guide.

5. Soft Water

Soft water has a soothing effect on the skin. With the elimination of minerals, one will take a soothing bath without injury to their skin. In addition, one will use less water. Hotel soaps can be quite tiny. As a result, one needs to be able to take their shower comfortably without having to ask for more every now and then.

6. Hot Tubs

Luxurious Hotel RoomThere are few things more relaxing than relaxing in a hot tub after a long day touring a tourist attraction. If one is going to spend their money on a supposed luxury hotel room, this feature has to be present. No matter how stressed out or tired one is, a hot tub can cure most of those problems. One should definitely inquire about the availability of this feature before they pay for their hotel room.

7. Fast Wi-Fi

If one is ever in a hotel room, the need to be able to communicate fast with their family and friends. There is nothing more annoying than waiting for a good movie to buffer. With the introduction of online streaming services like Netflix, one is still able to catch up with their favorite series even when on holiday.

8. Advanced Toilets

If one is going to be staying in a hotel, they should insist on an advanced toilet. A good example of such a toilet is the Toto’s Neorest 550. One unique feature of this toilet is the UV light cleaning. As a result, one is assured there are no dangerous pathogens in the toilet. In addition, the toilet features auto flashing.

This means one never has to encounter the toilet using their hands. The toilet also features automated warming. As a result, one does not have to suffer a cold toilet seat when they wake up in the morning. For those who are environmentally conscious, this toilet should put them at ease. It has features that reduce the amount of water and electricity used.

9. Active & Friendly Staff

One of the reasons people visits a luxury hotel is to get away from the challenges of everyday life. In ordinary life, one meets all kinds of people. Some of this people have a bad attitude, which can ruin one’s day. A luxury hotel needs to understand that people want to get away from all this. As a result, they need to train their staff to behave professionally. As a result, one is able to enjoy a few days of peace and quiet, where the hotel staff treats one like a god for a few days. Having peace of mind is also part of luxury.

10. Serene Outside View

Luxurious Hotel RoomHuman beings are a visual being. Most of how we perceive things depend on how we see them. For people who live in the city, seeing the same concrete buildings each day can be mentally draining. It disconnects one from nature. As a result, a luxury hotel needs to be built in a great location.

Ideally, a nice hotel should be situated next to a beach or out in the wild. This way, when one wakes up, their mind sees calming nature scenes like ocean waves. Before booking a hotel, one needs to make sure they understand where it is located. In addition, one should always ask for a window that has access to a scenic view of the outside.


A visit to a hotel room should make one feel valued. Another thing to watch out for is the kind of cleaning products used. Some hotels try to cut corners by using extremely cheap cleaning detergents on the floors. One should avoid such a hotel. The bottom-line is that a good hotel should have exceptional features.

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