3 Outdoor Activities to Do In Loch Lomond

3 Outdoor Activities to Do In Loch Lomond

Do you enjoy being in the outdoors? Are you traveling to Loch Lamond? If so, you will be pleased to know there are plenty of outdoor activities you and your family can participate in. Some of the outdoor activities may range from: water ski-ing, a loch cruise through to a canoe safari. In this article, we will have a brief look at 3 Outdoor Activities to Do In Loch Lomond.

The TreeZone Aerial Adventure Course

Outdoor Activities to Do In Loch LomondTreeZone is an outdoor activity that involves high ropes. This activity is suitable for all kinds of adventurers. Adventurers must be no younger than seven years old. They must also be no shorter than one point one meters tall. TreeZone is suitable for a wide range of corporate events, adults, group and children. If you are going on a day trip within the area, then TreeZone is sure to keep you occupied for hours. Participants are sure to get some great exercise as they attempt this amazing adventure course.

The Loch Lomond Water Ski Club

Outdoor Activities to Do In Loch LomondThe Loch Lomond Water Ski Club has been around for more than thirty five years. The club provide water ski lessons to both the public and club members. It does not matter what level of water skiing you are at. The club is more than willing to teach first timers or improve pre-existing skills you may have. The Loch Lomond Water Ski Club can cater for a variety of corporate events and tournaments. In the past, the club has severed some of the following people: Keri-Anne Payne, Carol Smillie and John Gordon Sinclair. Over the years, members of the club have saved the lives of at least seven people on Loch Lomond. These people were participating n canoeing, windsurfing and leisure boating. This has given our members some great live saving skills. If you have a love of water, or would like to learn how to ski, then please book a few hours or a day with us.

Loch Lomond Pony Trekking

Outdoor Activities to Do In Loch LomondLove riding pony’s? Then Loch Lomond Pony Trekking could be an activity worth considering. You will find us at the southern end of Loch Lomond. We are not far from the town of Balloch. Loch Lomond Pony Trekking provides unique experiences through Scotland’s first National Park. We will take you through Loch Lomond’s stunning countryside. You will also get to experience some of the rugged terrain of the moorlands. All of our pony’s suit all levels. Riders must be no younger than twelve years old. We are sure you will soon fall in love with the amazing scenery Loch Lomond has to offer. There is no better way to enjoy it than on the back of a pony.

In this article, we have had a brief look at 3 Outdoor Activities to Do In Loch Lomond. TreeZone is great for those who enjoy high ropes. Loch Lomond Water Ski Club is fantastic for those who love water. And Loch Lomond Pony Trekking is suitable for all horse lovers who appreciate amazing scenery. If you are travelling to Loch Lomond, then please consider adding these great activities to your list.

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