Unknown Facts about Trampolines

Trampolines have come a long way since they were first invented. People have been enjoying them for generations because of their unique functionality and unlimited fun. But do you know there is a lot more that is still unknown to you about these trampolines. From its invention to its huge popularity worldwide, it has seen various amazing improvements and successes.

Fact 1

Facts about TrampolinesThe first trampoline was invented in 1936 by the combined efforts of George Nissen and Larry Griswold. They were inspired after watching the safety nets used by trapeze artists. These nets were used to catapult themselves back when they were dismounted on them. They initially fabricated a makeshift trampoline with a metallic frame and a piece of canvas.

Fact 2

Trampoline is derived from a Spanish word ‘trampolin’ which means diving board. In Spain, there is a game getting very popular which is played on a special court that has trampolines at both the ends. This game is a combination of volleyball, football and gymnastics. It is called Bossaball.

Fact 3

The growing popularity of trampoline made it an Olympic sport in 2000. Two separate events are conducted, men’s and women’s individual trampoline event. Depending on the tricks, twists and heights achieved in the air are the measures which are used for deciding the winner.

Fact 4

Facts about TrampolinesThe highest number of jumpers that jumped on the trampoline at once is 324. This was achieved by a group from UK recently in 2015. There are other various records for consecutive somersaults, backflips and the fastest 100 meters run. These are some of the most difficult records to break.

Fact 5

Trampolines are used for training purposes in various sports. They are used by divers to perfect their landing on the right spot. Gymnasts use them for strengthening and in agility training to practice safe landing. Thus, they are greatly involved in such sports where perfect moves and balance are extremely important.

Fact 6

The largest trampoline can be found in Wales. There is an old mining town in the city called Blaenau Ffestiniog. In 1950, an industry decline in the city prompted it to develop a giant underground trampoline park. This is the place where the largest trampoline is designed that splits off and spreads down the corridors and uphill. It creates an astounding and bouncy space to attract tourists and trampoline-lovers. If you want to learn more about trampoline or read trampoline reviews you can visit trampolineguide.net.

Fact 7

Six men in 1986 decided to see for how long they can bounce continuously on the trampoline. This group was from the Cleveland State University in the US. They made a rocking record of 53 days while bouncing for so many days straight. Their record was widely celebrated and they become huge popular because of their initiative.

Bottom Line

So, if you want to cherish the history of these amazing trampolines, you can also buy the best trampoline for your backyard. But make sure that you buy a well-made and high-quality trampoline after going through best trampoline reviews. Check out our top picks and best trampoline brands at Trampoline Guide.

7 Basic Rules to Play Paintball

Paintball is a very exciting, fast-paced combat sport. Players eliminate each other from the field by hitting their opponents with paintball that break upon impact, leaving them noticeably marked with paint. It is a lot of fun if you know how to play.

To help maximize your experience, here are 8 basic rules to play paintball;


Before the game starts, be sure to take a walk around the playing field and clearly establish the boundaries where everyone will play. Ensure the field has enough room to accommodate everyone playing, and that the referee and all players understand where they are located.

During the playing of the game

  • Any player who is caught outside the boundaries of the field is out of the game and should leave the field immediately.
  • Only the referee and the game players are allowed in the field.
  • No entering or leaving the playing field is allowed.
  • If an unauthorized person gets into the field, the game should stop immediately until he or she leaves the playing field.
  • Any shots fired outside the boundaries of the playing field do not count.

Paintball Equipment

The equipment used while playing paintball is very important. You have to have protective cloths that will cover important parts of your body like the face so you don´t get hit in the eye. You will also need paintball markers and loaders as a minimum to be able to play the game. You can visit www.paintballguide.net for more information and paintball markers and guns reviews and ratings.

The Length Of The Game

Rules to Play PaintballBecause nobody likes playing any game forever, it is very important to establish a time limit for a paintball game. Most games usually run between 30 and 60 minutes, and it is the referee who keeps track of the time. Keeping the playing time short makes the game more exciting and aggressive. In case no one wins, players will move to the next game with a new strategy.

The Game Objective

Ensure everybody knows the goal of the game. Is it an elimination game or a flag game? Broadcast clearly what the objective of the game is, as well as any special rules that come with it.

Dead Zone

Rules to Play PaintballThe dead zone is the area off the playing field where players go after being eliminated from the game. Be sure this place is marked clearly so that everyone knows where it is, and doesn’t shoot in it. The dead zone should be far enough from the field to allow eliminated players to remove their masks without the risk of being hit by those who are still on the field.

Player Elimination

If a paintball hits a player and breaks on him (this includes his equipment, clothing or gun), he is out of the game and must leave the playing field immediately. It does not matter whether the shot has come from a teammate or an opposing player.

Walking Off The Field

Once a player has been hit and marked, he should immediately hold his gun above his head and call out, DEADMAN or OUT to avoid being hit multiple times. He should leave the playing field using the safest and shortest route to the dead zone.

Paint Checks

If a player is hit but is unsure whether he has received a mark, he should call for a paint check. Shout “paint check” and the nearest referee will come and inspect you. If you are marked, you should leave the field immediately. While the paint check is ongoing, the game stops and all players remain where they’re till the referee solves the problems and resumes the game.

With these basic rules in mind, playing your next paintball game should be easier and much more enjoyable.