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Grant Lodge

Timeline for Grant Lodge, Elgin.

1766 - Building commences from a plan by Robert Adam, Architect, London. Sir James Grant of Grant, M.P. for Moray had commissioned the mansion for his aunt Lady Innes.

1771 – With the death of Lady Innes and with the earlier sales of Innes House and Moy House, Grant Lodge became the lowland residence of the Grants.

1791 – Sir James Grant added one back wing giving Grant Lodge its L-shaped outline.

1809 – Inventory of furniture in drawing room taken.

1811 – Sir James Grant died

1811 – The Grants inherited Cullen House, the home of the Earls of Seafield.

1819 - Prince Leopold of the Belgians travelling from Fort George to Gordon Castle made a stop in Elgin and was made a Freeman of the Town followed by a reception at Grant Lodge.

1820 – Saw the last Clan rising in Scotland when the Whigs and Tories clashed over parliamentary elections. The elderly incapacitated Earl of Seafield was in residence at Grant Lodge with his sisters Anne, Penuel and Margaret unable to stop the unruly mob whipped up by Lord Fife. Anne sent one her servants under the cover of darkness up Speyside to summon 600 clan members to defend the Lodge. In the event neither side came to blows.

1827 – Anne died at Grant Lodge.

1830 – Margaret died

1840 – Earl of Seafield died at Cullen House.

1844 – Penuel died.

1884 - Right Honourable Louisa, Dowager Countess of Seafield dies

1885 – The contents of Grant Lodge were sold by auction over three days on the instructions of the executives of the Late Right Honourable Louisa, Dowager Countess of Seafield.

1885 – For sale by public roup 27/3/85 the property known as Grant Lodge consisting of Mansion House, two porter lodges, stables, coach houses, laundry and wash houses, Gardener’s House.

1885 - No purchaser found for lodge

1887 – Let as boarding house.

1899 - Sir James’s widowed grand-daughter-in-law, Caroline; Countess Dowager of Seafield sold Grant Lodge to Colonel George A Cooper, North Lodge, Elgin for £5,500.

1901 - Elgin Ladies Club - 14th November 1901
The Ladies of Elgin are taking practical steps to provide amusements and recreation for the dreary winter months ahead. Their novel idea is the formation of a club in part of Grant Lodge house (now vacant) where they are to lay-out two courts for badminton and a room with regulation tables for ping-pong and other amusements.

For this purpose they got the permission Major Grant of Glen Grant, the lessee of Grant Lodge and Colonel George Cooper, the proprietor. A tea room is also being provided, comfortably fitted with little tables, lounges etc. Where members, players and non players can have tea, and watch and criticise the games. The club intend meeting twice weekly on Tuesday and Friday afternoons and members can bring their friends, always provided that they are non resident in Elgin. The committee are also to try and organise one or two evening entertainments in the course of the winter.

The secretary of the club, which will doubtless soon be in full swing, is Miss A Culbard, Oldmills House, Elgin and associated with others in formation of the club, is a committee.

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