Interesting Facts about Fair Isle for Travelers

Scotland has interesting places for a traveler to visit. There are many site-seeing places and exotic, breathtaking terrains. Among the most interesting places in Scotland is the Fair Isle. Fair Isle is an Island in northern Scotland lying halfway between the mainland and Shetland. Even though Fair Isle is known for its bird observatory and traditional style of knitting, there are other interesting facts about it.Interesting Facts about Fair Isle for Travelers

Fair Isle Facts

  • Fair Isle is the most remote inhabited Island in the United Kingdom. It is 4.8 km long and 2.4 km wide, making it a very small island.
  • In 1588, a Spanish ship was wrecked near the island and forced the sailors to spend six weeks on the Island.
  • Another fascinating fact about Fair Isle is that its population has been decreasing over the years. There were about 400 inhabitants in 1900 and currently, it has about 70 known residents.
  • Historically, it was considered a signal station linking the island to the mainland and more remote islands. Today, it is used to transmit radio and television signals to the other islands.
  • There are no pubs or restaurants in Fair Isle. The Bird Observatory Center operates the only pub and restaurant. There is also one school on the Island.

Interesting Facts about Fair Isle for Travelers

  • There are remains of a German fighter plane that went down during the World War II. It lies to the southeast of the post office.
  • There are remains of several watermill stones still well preserved.
  • The South Lighthouse is a historic site which still functions today. It is said that its light was knocked out, but the islanders had it back within no time. They also say you can still see its bullet holes.
  • There are many varieties of birds present on this Island. Migrating birds and resident birds are also plenty on the island. That is why they boast of a very famous bird observatory which is a paradise for bird watchers.
  • You can also watch out for wildlife in Fair Isle. There are seals, whales, and orcas as well. But you have to be keen to spot them.
  • Some of the Fair Isles’ cliffs are as high as 100 meters and 200 meters. Visitors can take a boat ride and enjoy the spectacular view of this is paramount. The view is breathtaking.
  • There are two ways to get to the island, either by flight which is three times a week or by boat.
  • Thanks to the traditional crofting methods of the residents of Fair Isle, it has also been nicknamed “the Island of Flowers”. It boasts of over 250 species of flowering plants that dot the fields of the Island at any given time of the year.
  • Having been intensely studied by archeologists, Fair Isle has had human settlements for about 5,000 years. There have been traces of the Neolithic times and oval houses dating back to 3,000 years ago.

This magical Island has many attractions than we can list here. The only way to know them well is for you to travel there and enjoy the sights, sounds, and the smell of Fair Isle.

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