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The Elgin Watermill

The mill is situated in west Elgin and sadly is in run-down state and closed to the public.
Elgin Cathedral
The ruined cathedral, built in the 13th-century and consecrated in 1224, was once known as the Lantern of the North, and is Elgin's most familiar landmark. It was burned down by the infamous Wolf of Badenoch in 1390 following his excommunication by the Bishop. Today there is much of the original work remaining, as well as some 15th-century additions, including a wing of the Bishop's Palace. The 15th century nave houses an ancient Celtic cross which was excavated from the town's High Street and bears Pictish symbols.

Pluscarden Abbey
Pluscarden Abbey is located near Elgin and is one of Northern Scotland’s most unusual attractions, and one which is unique to Britain. The abbey is the only medieval monastery in Britain still inhabited by monks and continues to be used for it's original purpose. The abbey was founded in 1230 by Alexander II on a sheltered site in a south facing glen, and there is a stunning view behind the abbey to the forested hillside.

Elgin Museum
Elgin Museum is run by The Moray Society and is Moray’s oldest independent museum. There are many different exhibitions about the history of Elgin, including fossils and Pictish stones. There are over 36000 different items on display, including a Roman hoard which was discovered on a local dig. The curator is an expert in Roman history and is on hand to share his knowledge with visitors to the museum. 

Moray Motor Museum
The Moray Motor Museum in Elgin is located on the northern bank of the River Lossie and to the west of Cooper Park. On show at the museum is a collection of classic cars and motorcycles. There are sports cars from 1950’s,motorcycles from the 1930’s up to the present day, as well as a collection bicycles. The main attraction at the museum remains 1928 Rolls Royce Phantom one.

Glen Moray Distillery
The Glen Moray Distillery is located on the banks of the River Lossie in the city of Elgin. This single malt whisky has been distilled on the site since 1897 by a small group of dedicated craftsmen. Much has changed on the site since it was originally opened as a distillery, although the ingredients, processes and skills of those responsible are still consistent. It is a great place to visit, and to learn how a fine malt whisky is distilled.

The Cooper Park

Boating, pitch and putt, tennis, skate boarding, aviary, green bowling, cricket and the library are among the facilities.

Duffus Castle

Duffus Castle is one of the finest examples of a motte and bailey castle in Scotland. The raised ground of the motte and bailey look somewhat out of place sitting like an island in a sea of very flat farmland, but at the time of its construction its position was far more strategic. The castle was located by the shore of Loch Spynie and was surrounded by water and marshy ground. Over the years the loch silted up and was eventually drained and reclaimed as farmland, creating the flat landscape that now surrounds the castle.

Spynie Palace
Spynie Palace was the seat of the Bishops of Moray for over 500 years; the atmospheric ruin is now a shell of it's former glory. The Palace, like many old historical buildings, has it's share of traditions and ghost stories. The founding of the palace dates back to 1200AD, when Bishop Richard relocated the cathedral of Moray to Spynie, then lapped by the waters Spynie Loch, which has since retreated to it's present position.

The Biblical Garden

The Garden in situated adjacent to the Cathedral. The creation of the garden, the first of its kind in Scotland, is particularly appropriate on this site, as Moray has for over fourteen centuries played an important role in the development and changing fortunes of the church, similarly, its close proximity to Elgin’s historic cathedral, literally just over the wall make this site the obvious choice.

Moray Leisure Centre

The centre on Borough Briggs Road (rear of Tesco) Since 1993 we have endeavoured to bring the people of Moray opportunities to experience a healthier lifestyle by introducing sports and activities such as Swimming, Ice Skating, Cardiovascular and Resistance fitness, Relaxation Suite, Healthy Eating Cafe, Healthy Living Centre and Care Provision. 

Elgin Sports & Community Centre

The centre on Trinity road, offers a wide range of activities, interests and facilities, which includes community use of the Games Hall and sports equipment.  Staff at the centre welcome new people warmly and actively encourage and support new groups to broaden the range of interests and opportunities available to the local community.  Elgin Sports & Community Centre and schools in the Elgin area can be booked for meetings/activities through Elgin Sports & Community Centre.

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