Top 10 Places to Visit In Iceland

Iceland has its fair share of the most amazing places to visit in Europe. Located at the edge of the Artic Circle and in an active volcano zone, the country boasts a myriad of things to see and do.

There are magnificent landscapes and stunning natural features to discover and explore when visiting this magical tourist destination. Read on to learn about the top 10 places to visit in Iceland.

1. Golden Circle

Places to Visit In IcelandThis is a 300-km route with all sorts of breathtaking attractions. It is home to the þingvellir National Park which stands out from other parks due to its great historical, geological and cultural importance. The beautiful Gullfoss waterfalls and Great Geyser are also located in this adventure-filled loop. If you are interested in this trip there are many options rangind from self drive tour to using a planned Golden Circle Tour Guide for both large and small groups. What ever you prefer there are some great options out there when it comes to going the icelandic golden circle.

2. Blue Lagoon

Places to Visit In IcelandSituated in Grindavik, this is an artificial geothermal spa. It features crystal clear water and is surrounded by eye-catching lava. The water is usually around 38˚C and believed to have healing powers. The charm of this place is boosted by luxury spa facilities and restaurants.

3. Landmannalaugar

Places to Visit In IcelandThis is a mysterious and enchanting place that any seasoned traveller would never want to miss when visiting Iceland. It is characterised by a volcano, lava fields and multicolored rhyolite mountains. The most popular activities here are horseriding and hiking.

4. South Coast

Places to Visit In IcelandThe most popular spot in this area is Reynisfjara Beach. Visitors flock here to witness black sand, roaring surf and hexagonal basalt columns of a mountain. There are also waterfalls and stunning landscapes in other parts of the coast.

5. Hallgrimskirkja

Places to Visit In IcelandLocated at the heart of Reykjavik, Hallgrimskirkja is the tallest building in Iceland. The iconic and recognizable man-made feature houses a church and other facilities. Its architecture got inspiration from the Black Falls.

6. Gjáin

Places to Visit In IcelandGjáin is described by many as the most gorgeous place in Iceland. The hidden Icelandic gem is perfect for those who want to avoid the hustle and bustle of the urban areas. Its seclusion and privacy allow for private indulging and relaxation.

7. Snæfellsnes

Places to Visit In IcelandThis is a wonderful peninsula with dozens of things to see, including an ocean, waterfalls, glaciers and fishing towns. A number of roads pass through this area enabling travellers to explore a big part of the area. The towns are great relaxing grounds and supply large amounts of seafood to the entire country.

8. Husey

Places to Visit In IcelandFound in eastern Iceland, Husey offers endless excursion opportunities making it one of the top 10 places to visit in Iceland. It is located between two rivers and surrounded by mountains. The main highlights here include rare species of plants and birds and obsidian sand-filled river banks. Other things of interest are grazing reindeers and idle seals.

9. Aurora Borealis

Places to Visit In IcelandThis is one of the most popular attractions in northern Iceland. The phenomenon includes dazzling lights that can be seen from many miles away. The lights are brighter under high solar and best admired in a remote place.

10. Asbyrgi Canyon

Places to Visit In IcelandThe 3.5-km long canyon is a true combination of natural splendor and classic tranquility. It offers spiritual fulfillment and great peace of mind to all its visitors. The horse-shaped place has a towering cliff structure that allows visitors to enjoy fantastic views of the neighboring areas.

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