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 Growing drugs epedemic
Author: the dogg (---.abdn.ac.uk)
Date:   10-15-03 14:48

Has anyone else noticed the amount of teenagers in elgin who seem to walk about permanantly stoned. I have lived in elgin for some time now and i have noticed that many of the local attractions and landmarks seem to have a permanent prescence of teenagers or alcaholics who are taking drugs such as cannibis, Ladyhill for example where the teenagers are sitting on the benches skinning up and taking bongs and other unsavoury contraptions. I think it is high time that we all got together and save our already miserable town from these layabouts. God knows people in elgin are driven to drugs and drink by the lack of things to do and the locals who could drive Ghandi to suicide.

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 Growing drugs epedemic  new
the dogg 10-15-03 14:48 
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kaos 01-12-04 22:11 

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