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 Broadband For Rural Communities
Author:  (---.plus.com)
Date:   12-28-03 15:26

I would like to make the local population aware of the fact that broadband or ADSL maybe in Elgin, Lossiemouth, Fochabers, Forres, Kinloss, Hopeman but what is the local Elgin Council doing to promote broadband to small rural communities such as Fogwatt, Longmorn, Speybay, Alves and even Lhanbryde.

I haven't seen any avidence of the mention that BT have given these local exchanges a trigger level as of the 17th November 2003.

Myself and others have started campaigns which can be found at the following web sites.

www.broadband4longmorn.co.uk (Longmorn Exchange)
www.broadband4lhanbryde.co.uk (Lhanbryde Excahnge)
www.bibacity.co.uk/speybay (Speybay Exchange).

With a little help from our local council we may get the message across that Moray has moved into the 21st century in respect to the communications revolution which is sweeping the UK at the moment.


Alex McFarlane
1 Altgowrie

Broadband4Longmorn only 32 registrations to go

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