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 Growing drugs epedemic
Author: the dogg (---.abdn.ac.uk)
Date:   10-15-03 14:48

Has anyone else noticed the amount of teenagers in elgin who seem to walk about permanantly stoned. I have lived in elgin for some time now and i have noticed that many of the local attractions and landmarks seem to have a permanent prescence of teenagers or alcaholics who are taking drugs such as cannibis, Ladyhill for example where the teenagers are sitting on the benches skinning up and taking bongs and other unsavoury contraptions. I think it is high time that we all got together and save our already miserable town from these layabouts. God knows people in elgin are driven to drugs and drink by the lack of things to do and the locals who could drive Ghandi to suicide.

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 Re: Growing drugs epedemic
Author:  (---.access.uk.tiscali.com)
Date:   01-12-04 22:11

So, what do you propose to do about it?, everyone gets together and does what? These teenagers aren't layabouts, they are just vivtims of todays society where in Moray there is scarce prospect of a well paid job, most if they are lucky will get a minimum wage, cannabis is merely todays way of 'chilling ' out and forgetting their problems, in your day it was probably alcohol. Instead of labelling people as layabouts and wasters has anyone asked them what they would like? Do you think kids like sitting about in the cold, getting stoned, cannabis generates apathy and disinterest in life. Give them something to become involved in that is theirs and not run by adults controlling them. Does the council have any plans? What about Moray drug and alcohol?, no doubt they are underresourced and overworked and currently over run with 'harder' addicts. cannabis is probably the least of their worries. Does cannabis always lead to hard drugs? Perhaps the council should organise a meeting of drug workers, health care workers, council members , parents and most importantly teenagers to come to a miracle solution. Unfortunately the outcome of such a meeting would no doubt be'no money', no resources, no staff, no plans, no change. I am not 'pro-cannabis' but can see why they do it.

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