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Author:  (
Date:   03-05-03 10:28

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 elgin developments
Author: tranquilizer (
Date:   03-26-03 12:55

does any-one have any views on the large retail developments planned for the edgar road area? how will that affect town centre operations? does moray council have any-one looking after the town centre?
What are your views?

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 Re: elgin developments
Author:  (195.8.161.---)
Date:   06-24-03 15:20

I think the retail park is a bad idea.

That area already has a massive Asda, the retail park with Homebase and all that, and a huge B&Q.

I also heard the old wood place on Edgar Rd would be turned into a retail park. My house is just opposite that place and looking out my window every day to see a bustling retail park would be a bit of an eye sore.

If i wanted to be looking at shops all day, i would move to the town centre.

Admittedly though, i don't actually live in Elgin anymore so it really makes no difference to me, but when i go to visit, i'd rather see the old run-down wood shop because it's what i've grown up looking at. Plus it adds a bit of character i think.

Thanks for your time,

Lauren xx

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 ur have a lot
Author:  (200.45.13.---)
Date:   04-26-04 04:26

of slut teens,....elgin its the capitol of the sluts....

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Author:  (
Date:   06-14-04 04:28

My friends had a weekend in Aviemore (stag trip)
Had a great time, but on last day, we went gorging (like white water rafting, but without the suits)

My best man jumped of a ledge and shattered the bones in his leg.

He is now in Dr Grays hospital in Elgin.

We are all back in Glasgow, organising a visit to see him. But he will be there a while before he can be transfered back to Glasgow.

We would love to get him a gift or surprise delivered to the hospital.

We have credit cards or cxan pay by just about any means.

Does anyone have any suggestions?
(not flowers plz)

Thanks for your time


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