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 Re: elgin developments
Author:  (195.8.161.---)
Date:   06-24-03 15:20

I think the retail park is a bad idea.

That area already has a massive Asda, the retail park with Homebase and all that, and a huge B&Q.

I also heard the old wood place on Edgar Rd would be turned into a retail park. My house is just opposite that place and looking out my window every day to see a bustling retail park would be a bit of an eye sore.

If i wanted to be looking at shops all day, i would move to the town centre.

Admittedly though, i don't actually live in Elgin anymore so it really makes no difference to me, but when i go to visit, i'd rather see the old run-down wood shop because it's what i've grown up looking at. Plus it adds a bit of character i think.

Thanks for your time,

Lauren xx

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