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 Re: Margret.
Author:  (
Date:   12-09-03 12:16

Hello again, it was lovely to hear from you on my return from holiday. What a shock the fire was at Grant Lodge. Graeme was on holiday and I'd been myself for the 2 weeks and locked up on Friday as usual and rushed into Elgin on the Saturday morning when one of the librarians told me there was a serious fire at Grant Lodge. I wept when I saw how badly the building was damaged and everything was black and dirty although a bit relieved it wasn't anything I'd done. A window was broken and the police believe it was arson.

I replaced the lovely flowers you gave me with a bunch of carnations the day before as I thought flowers brightened the place up a bit and they were, along with the milk bottle knocked over, so my good intentions didn't work.

All the very best to you both for a lovely Christmas and A Happy New Year in 2004. Hopefully you'll be back in these parts sometime soon.

Kindest Regards

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