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 help needed
Author:  (
Date:   04-22-03 13:43

I'd like to take my students on the malt whisky trail next fall.
We are opening a European section and I would love to combine the discovery of the region and the visits of distilleries with more contacts with the local students. The group will probably include around 30 students and 4 teachers. They study to become chefs, waiters, and bartenders.
I'd like to find decent but cheap accomodation for 3/4 days so we can visit a couple of distilleries, maybe a nice hotel /restaurant but if we could arrange some kind of meeting with young people we would add a cultural and friendly aspect to our european objective.
Afterwards we might set up an exchange program (work positions )...why not?
So if you can send any tip, clue, piece of information that might help us, I'd be more than pleased and grateful.
Thank you ever so much

kind regards,

serge Du PUCH

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