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Wayne Haverson Sunday 6th Jun 2004, 12:50am
bishopmill born & bred, but been away since 1974, your site brought back fond memories, thank you!

Wayne Alexander Russell Saturday 22nd May 2004, 2:52pm
My great grandfather James Grant Russell was born in Elgin on October 15, 1855 & died in Winnipeg, Canada on November 15, 1921. He was the son of Alex Russell & his wife born Jessie Sharpe.

jan kersten Saturday 17th Apr 2004, 12:16pm
I found your site when looking for information about Scotland. Very nice and informative. I made a link from my website, so everyone can enjoy it. When placing this link is a problem, please let me know and i will remove it from my site. You can find my webiste at: Greetings from Holland Jan Kersten

david ross Thursday 8th Apr 2004, 12:31pm
this site is great and brings back so many fond memries anyone who knows me send me an email,cheers dave

Bradley Gow Thursday 8th Apr 2004, 5:37am
having recently found that my great grandparents came from Elgin i am interested to see if i still have relatives in the City John Angus Gow could anyone assist me?????

Donna Mutch Thursday 25th Mar 2004, 6:22am
Great Website! My fiance and his family are from Elgin and we are getting married in Elgin Cathedral in Sept. We picked Elgin as an alternative to Aberdeen - something different and not too far to travel to. Can anyone recommend a florist and a hairdresser/beautician to me, please. We are living in the Middle East just now but will be back to Scotland in May to finalise wedding plans, thanks. Keep up the good work.

lynn bannerman Tuesday 23rd Mar 2004, 9:20am
hi there i used to live in elgin and want to move back always miss it and it was nice to see we have a web site hi to all the ppl in elgin golf club especially the steward ( me da) and hi to all me family

ELGIN A. GUTIERREZ Friday 19th Mar 2004, 3:42am

Rural Gateway Editor Wednesday 10th Mar 2004, 4:25pm
Funding information for community groups: If you are in a local community group and are seeking funding you'll probably be interested in the latest Funding news, which is updated ery 4 weeks or so, on the Rural Community Gateway website. Please go to

steven pezzone Monday 8th Mar 2004, 3:03am
I went to school in elgin,St Sylvesters,anybody that know,s me please get in touch, i,m looking for gordon and dunkin grant,susan brown ,linda garrett

Noreen Dunbar Wednesday 3rd Mar 2004, 1:24am
Hi: My grandfather was born James Asher Dunbar son of Alexander Dunbar and Elspet Shand, March 14, 1866 at Loch Hill in the County of Elgin and baptized by the minister of Urquhart Would like to visit. Is there still places named Loch Hill and Urquhart. White Rock, B.C. Canada just south of Vancouver. Any help would be appreciated.

Brad Gow Thursday 26th Feb 2004, 10:07am
just found out my great grand father came from your pretty town...thankyou for the tour...maybe i'll arrive home one day Tasmania Australia

donald campbell VEALE Sunday 15th Feb 2004, 5:41pm
I was evacuated to Pluscarden during the war. Sims at Easter Fosterseat. Went to Pluscarden Primary. I think the Head was Mrs McDonald her son `kilty` went on to Elgin Acad. Auctioneer Hubby.

Gene R. Montgomery Monday 9th Feb 2004, 2:00am
Hi from Montgomery, Texas. Just trying to find information on the late Lt. Col. N.C. Baird of Palmer's Cross and his father.

Frank Chadwick Friday 23rd Jan 2004, 6:51am
Jimmy Gardner of a guest house in Elgin. I am coming to the UK for a holiday from Australia in May. If anyone can put me in touch with Jimmy who served on the aircraft carier HMS Eagle in 1964-66, please contact me by e-mail. Lang may ye lumb reek. Frank Chadwick.

Karine Charton Tuesday 20th Jan 2004, 9:49pm
Hi from France ! I used to be a french assistant at Elgin High School in the years 1990-1991. I carry on telling everybody how I really enjoyed that time, and how Scottish people received me. Nice memories ! Best wishes to all of you and hi to everybody I met, pupils, teachers and friends ! Cheerio

Charles Carter Friday 9th Jan 2004, 9:09pm
I have two old photographs of my now deceased mothers. One shows five young airmen (H314 on the back) and the other a single airman K514 taken by Northern Photo Services ( T. Robertson ) of 23 High St, in Elgin sometime around the second world war. Anybody knows how I could find some information about them I would be more than grateful.

Nathanael Lynn Thursday 25th Dec 2003, 10:36pm
Hello. I recently recieved an heirloom of my great-great grandfather's. It's a medal he won in 1879 from the Elgin Poultry, Pigeon, and Cage Bird Club. So I thought I'd check out just where my family decended from (in the US now). Maybe some day I will actually make it there.

Sarah McInnes Wednesday 10th Dec 2003, 5:56pm
Hi all, wee sarah mcinnes here. just thought I'd say hello to everyone that knows me in Elgin. I'm moved to Greenock and got engaged to a wonderful and handsome guy.

MISS CHERIE MORELLO Thursday 27th Nov 2003, 1:57pm
the elgin council need a good kick up the backside to get things moving to stop the floods. it doesnt take three years to mobilise for war. Independants, get your bloody fingers out, and take ACTION NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peter Milner Thursday 27th Nov 2003, 5:52am
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone in Elgin who knows me. Here's my address in case someone wants to drop in: Peter & Maria Milner, 5b, Gould Street, Flinders Park, South Australia 5025 Bus route number 111, 112, 113 from the city [Adelaide] and get off at bus stop 21 opposite the Findon Hotel.

Ian Sanders Wednesday 19th Nov 2003, 3:36pm
I am interested in letting a cottage or summer house in Moray.

Becky Saturday 15th Nov 2003, 4:38pm
I used to live in elgin about 10 years ago in a house called lesmudrie house i know that it has know been knocked down and replaced by a housing estate but i was wondering if anyone knows where i can got hold of pictures of the house for old times sake or has any please please please any info mail me at the below address Thanks x

MacKostello Friday 7th Nov 2003, 9:38am
Hi.That's me-Paul.Everybody know me as Kostek, that's my nickname.I come from Poland.I was in Elgin twice and i loved this place.It is beautiful town.There is only one fault of this place.I think that the sea is too cold and i couldn't take a bathe and become sunburnt there :( ,but the other things are great there.Nice girls,fantastic clubs and strong alcohol. It's cool!!!! I would like to greet my polish friends which i got know there.One of theme is Sender(peace man)and Łódzki!!!! I'll return there to experience ones again!!!!

Michele Smith Wednesday 29th Oct 2003, 3:36pm
HELP! I have visited Elgin on many occasions and it's fantastic. I intend to move up there after Christmas from Bolton. If anyone has any tips on how to get work and buying houses please let me know Cheers!

colette george Thursday 16th Oct 2003, 9:43pm
Well what can i say you dont realise what you have until you leave and go back. i left elgin in 1980 and mover to london but i still look forward to going home to see my family and the old place. you never know maybe one day i will move back. love the web site.

Carol Main Gordon Wednesday 17th Sep 2003, 1:58am
Greetings from Vancouver, British Columbia. What a great website - am adding to my favorits. Elgin has my heart!! I have many friends and relatives there - including my sister, Jessie Main Sutherland & niece Helen Munro. I'll be back in 2005 for a visit.

Harvey Halcott Monday 15th Sep 2003, 9:20pm
Excellent looking site. Because of it, I believe I will add Elgin to my travel plans next year. If anyone can recommend a B&B for myself and daughter (18) or recommend any attractions (games, sports, etc) I would appreciate it. We'll be visiting from Knoxville, Tennessee. Thanks, keep up the good work!

Lauren Campbell Friday 29th Aug 2003, 4:14pm
Hi there. And just what is all this I've heard about Elgin getting a Marks and Spencer??? That's a bit posh for Elgin I think!!

JAMES ROSS Tuesday 26th Aug 2003, 5:47pm

SHAUN ROSINDALE Monday 25th Aug 2003, 7:50pm
This is the best site I have ever seen for information about a town. The site is clear informative and has excellent links. I am visiting your town this week. After seeing this site I am really looking forward to this.

mugu Monday 18th Aug 2003, 5:31pm
keep of here

Ian Keil & Sue Keil Sunday 17th Aug 2003, 11:05pm
I just would like to say thanks to all the nice people that we met in Elgin on our recent holiday and the b/b we stayed at was great we can`t wait to return in 2004.

Doug Torrance Sunday 17th Aug 2003, 6:43pm
Wonderful site! I was born in Elgin, and moved to Ottawa, Canada with my parents, John and Violet (McKenzie)Torrance in 1957. Just checking out some of my roots for future trip plans....thanks for the help and the view of Elgin!

Ian Keil Wednesday 13th Aug 2003, 8:15pm
My wife and i recently visited Elgin on holiday and stayed at Carrick House b/b the accommodation, food, decor ,the owner what a brilllaint host would recomend him to anyone visting this historic city.

Peter Milner Wednesday 6th Aug 2003, 3:42am
Hello, I just got back to Australia after visiting my Mum for a month. I had not been back for over 6 years so it was good to see her, she's 78 and looking very well. Hello to everyone who knows me. Regards Peter Milner.

holly cooper Monday 28th Jul 2003, 1:06pm
thanks for the 2 people who e-mailed me with b and b n0's

Jenny Brown Tuesday 22nd Jul 2003, 4:52pm
Thank you for an excellent website. I found it by accident. You should publish it more, locally. It's been a pleasure to visit. J.B.

James Milton Friday 11th Jul 2003, 5:42pm
Crossed paths with some Elginites on holiday in Las Vegas USA. Quite a spirited bunch. Hope to visit this historic township someday. I hear the Heather throughout Scotland is inspiring as well. Great to see such civic pride.

joseph mclennan Friday 11th Jul 2003, 11:54am
hi elgin we had good times and bad anyone know me get in touch ,i live in leeds now .have a good one

Lauren Campbell Tuesday 24th Jun 2003, 3:29pm
Well, well, well, Elgin with it's own website!!!! Elgin is quite a nice town, sadly i moved away about a year ago, but hello to anyone who knows me!!

holly cooper Tuesday 24th Jun 2003, 1:19pm
thinking of going up to elgin from lancaster end july can someone tell me any band b no's any reply welcome THANKS

Helen Frew Wednesday 4th Jun 2003, 6:26am
On Sunday 9th March 2003, two Aussies were driving from Edinburgh to Inverness, via Aberdeen and Huntly. We saw your awe-inspiring cathedral on the skyline and managed to find our way in through the roadworks detours. It was quite late in the day (we'd left Huntly after 4pm), but one of the highlights of our trip was spending a little time admiring these majestic ruins. I found your Website when I was searching for a little historic background to go with my photos and put into my trip diary. A good information site for me, thank you.

Tricia Cook-Bosnell Saturday 3rd May 2003, 9:01pm
Looking for anyone with connections to the Hesketh or Grant surnames in the Elgin area.

Tricia Cook-Bosnell Saturday 19th Apr 2003, 7:45pm
Family Tree includes Hesketh and Grant surnames from Elgin. Great web site! I already bookmarked it to look around more when I have time to enjoy the gallery photos.

maureen humphrey Wednesday 2nd Apr 2003, 7:00pm
am travelling up on friday from preston.have extracted some useful info from your site.can someone tell me where B&Q is please?

Katharina Friday 28th Mar 2003, 3:31pm
Many greetings from Landshut, Germany. I'm very happy that our town has a wonderful twin town like Elgin. I hope to visit Elgin this summer. Pretty good website!!

Alex Macmillan Sunday 16th Mar 2003, 11:50am
Good site but Photo Gallery needs titles to pictures

Beverly Zech Wednesday 12th Mar 2003, 6:44pm
Greetings from San Antonio, Texas, United States. Thank you so much for such a wonderful and informative site. I hope to visit your beautiful city soon.

Beverly Zech Wednesday 12th Mar 2003, 6:43pm
Thank you so much for such a wonderful and informative site. I hope to visit your beautiful city soon.

Camilla Dallas Tuesday 11th Mar 2003, 4:43am
I was following up on the ancestry of the Dallas name, when I came across this web site. Our surname was derived from the barony of the Lordship of Dallas, an extensive tract of land comprised of 17 thousand acres lying within the Shire of Moray,...or Elgin, Scotland. Referred to as "Strath Dallas". The most northerly point was 8 1/4 miles S.SW of Elgin, and 5 miles S. SE of Fowles. The river Lossie ran through it. These site photos are beautiful.., and the information on the city is wonderful. Thank you. It is my wish to visit this lovely area...someday.

John Stewart Thursday 6th Mar 2003, 12:08am
hey just thought that i would leave a quick note to say that i have checked out the website and think its quite good! still waiting to get authorisation from area manager if we can put phones 4 U on the website?? >>[email protected]<<

Bill Stephen Wednesday 5th Mar 2003, 6:35pm
Well done Elgin. You have cought up with Lossie in producing a great site All the best Bill

Bronwyn Blanch Wednesday 5th Mar 2003, 7:54am
Hi everybody from sunny Australia, my Aunty & Uncle live in Elgin so it was great to be able to look at some pictures of your beautiful city, and learn somemore about your heritage and culture! WELL DONE.

Hannah Johnston Tuesday 4th Mar 2003, 9:29am
Elgin is the best place in Moray for a great night out. I enjoy coming here every weekend. The people are friendly and up for a good laugh.

douglas duncan Sunday 2nd Mar 2003, 4:12pm
I can find no mention of Tourism or Accommodation on your site - often one of the first things a visitor looks for. Do you plan to add links to these items? Douglas Duncan Elgin Holiday House Member AGTB & Visitscotland

John Lewis Videlo Saturday 1st Mar 2003, 7:41pm
Greetings from sunny Guernsey! Good luck with the site. It is so good that we can keep in touch with 'home' through the internet.

Les Moir Saturday 1st Mar 2003, 5:48pm
We visited your fair city last year from west coast of Canada and were so impressed that we are planing a return trip. Much to see and do!

Alan Bruce Saturday 1st Mar 2003, 2:26pm
I work in Nigeria and find this an excellent site for keeping up with news, goingons and the local gossip Wish the page every sucess

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