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this movie is about the battle of thermoplyae, which is the battle between 300 spartans , with their king Leonidas, against King Xerces with a million soldiers on his side

the movie starts off telling how spartan children grow up, how they begin and end their life in violience, and that the greatest honor a spartan could ever achieve is death in the battle field

this movie shows how the spartans are relentless against even a million soldiers, It shows how King Xerces uses all of his greatest warriors, and beasts from the blackness, including the great immortal army

It is awesome , it is every boys dream, it feels like you're there, willing a spartan to chop off something,

all of the moves, and blows, each warrior makes, is slowed down so you could see the sword penetrate through the body, nothing isn't shown, there is no just about to hit, and then they go into an awkward camera angle, and then mysteriously his head is gone, no, it shows it all, in slow motion, to get every bit of enjoyment out of it.

My favorite line is from Leonidas
"Give to them nothing, take from them everything!"

elgin rose USA

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