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Tourist Information

 Millbuies Country Park, Longmorn, Elgin

Millbuies is situated 4 miles south of Elgin on the A941 Rothes road. The loch is in a wooded setting and four boats are available for anglers. Regular stockings of rainbow trout are carried out throughout the season however a few brown trout are also accounted for.

The Warden will be pleased to advise on current successful styles and fly patterns and can provide basic tackle for the newcomer or the angler who arrives on impulse. For the non-angler there are numerous walks around the Country Park where a variety of wildlife, flora and fauna can be seen.

Please note that the fisheries at Glenlatterach and Loch of Blairs are no longer managed by The Moray Council. To date (July 2010) we are unaware of future management arrangements for these fisheries.

Fishing Methods

Fly Fishing only and limited to two assembled fly rods per boat. Fly fishing tackle only to be taken to the loch (i.e. fly rod, traditional type fly reel, fly line and artificial flies and lures dressed on single hooks).All other methods are strictly prohibited.


Boat fishing is allowed in two sessions and varies according to daylight hours: 

Day Session

8am - 4.30pm

Evening Session

5pm - 10.30pm or dusk (whichever is soonest)


8th March 2010 to 30th September 2011inclusive.

Charges per Session

Single Angler


Two Anglers

£13.50 each

Junior with Adult

£22.50 total

Over 60's




No person is allowed to fish on the loch without first obtaining a permit.

The Environmental Services Department reserves the right to cancel or refuse the issue of any permit.

Permits are available from the Warden, Millbuies Country Park, Longmorn, Elgin (Tel: 01343 860234). The bag limit is four trout. All fish under 10" length must be returned to the water. Fishing is by boat only and keys to the boathouse will be issued with the permit.


Juniors (under 14 years of age) must be accompanied by an adult who is also required to be in possession of a permit.


In order to maintain an appropriate stocking level it is essential that anglers submit a return of fish caught to the Warden.


Fishing is from the boat only. Keys for the boathouse are available from the Warden. Disabled clients can get a vehicle close to the loch by arrangement with the Warden, however it is not suitable for wheelchair access due to a steep incline.

Use of Boats

Boats must be handled with care and consideration for other anglers. Anglers are requested to inform the Warden of any damage.
The use of outboard motors is prohibited.


Discarded nylon and litter are a hazard to wildfowl on the loch and must be taken home for disposal, or deposited in litter bins where available.


A buoyancy jacket is available on request and it is recommended that you make use of this facility. If the boat capsizes, stay with it, and hold on to it unless you can reach the bank by swimming or wading. It is recommended that you fish in a sitting position. Apart from being more likely to topple into the water, a standing angler is likely to "put the fish down". Fish sitting down and you will catch more fish and fish more safely.

The Warden

The loch is patrolled regularly by the Warden, who is authorised to ask for and examine permits, tackle and catches. All disputes arising from the above regulations are to be raised with the Environmental Services Department, not  the Warden.

Contact Details

The Warden, Millbuies Country Park, Longmorn, Elgin
Tel:  01343 860234

Support Services Officer, Environmental Services Department
Tel: 01343 557046

A short exploration of this pretty loch surrounded by a variety of trees - a longer walk is also possible further from the water. There is a picnic area and toilets at the start. The walk is open from 8.30 am to last light all year round.


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